Instead of resigning yourself to age when you wake up in the morning, challenge yourself to defy your age by taking care of your body. More physicians are moving to a preventative medicine model focused on treating the body when it’s healthy to avoid illness. Physical therapy, exercise, and nutrition are all forms of preventative health that will turn your age into nothing more than a number. Here are some tips for incorporating healthy practices into your daily life.


  1. Stretch – We often put a priority on getting in enough cardio and strength training, but without stretching, the body could face serious setbacks. Stretching helps you hold onto your range of motion and keep those tight ligaments and muscles moving freely. Without routine stretching, which can also provide some strength training, you may find that you feel stiffer and tighter even with regular activity. Stretch every day, especially on days when you don’t do any other physical activity.
  2. Drink water – Here’s an easy tip that bears repeating. If you’ve had more coffee, tea, or soda than you have had water today, get up right now and pour a glass. Cold or warm, you need water to flush out toxins, keep you hydrated, and improve every function in the body. Don’t neglect your water intake, particularly on days when you drink caffeine and alcohol.
  3. Ask about natural remedies first – Some people don’t mind maintenance drugs, and others are dead set against them. A healthy balance is the optimal approach. First, try something natural if there is research supporting the approach. If that doesn’t work after a few months, move to a different approach. Many chronic pain cycles and some chronic illnesses can be completely controlled with exercise, diet and physical therapy.
  4. Get rid of the word “can’t” – It is never too late to start aging the right way. If you need inspiration, look at the success stories for any diet, fitness, or physical therapy program. You will likely find at least one 60 or 70 year old who completely changed his or her life. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your habits have been up until now, all you have to do is get your head in the right place, and the results will follow.
  5. Remember the interconnectivity of the body – When you start working on one part of your life, the repercussions will trickle down to other areas. For instance, when you commit to drinking more water, you could alleviate headaches, muscle soreness, and eye allergies. Even small steps can make big changes over time. Stick with it to see a difference.


Aging doesn’t have to be a slow resignation to weakness and frailty. Make the most of your life by making one change today. Get the support of your loved ones, explore the power of physical therapy, and start moving forward. You can always choose to live your best life now. Make PT Happen and find a physical therapist near you.