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2903, 2016

Coming Full Circle

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It seems as if I’ve come full circle—my physical therapy journey started because of an injury I sustained while running, and my journey concludes with my recovery race in the books.

After getting the all clear last fall to run again, I registered for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I always do best when I set […]

2810, 2015

Physical Therapist Michelle Taylor Shares a Patient Story That Has Inspired Her

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“When I met Attiah (Tia) she was a 19-year-old bilateral above knee amputee starting the home health portion of her rehabilitation process. She had already spent months in the hospital and rehabilitation facilities trying to heal her internal wounds from a car accident caused by another young man’s negligent driving.
When I would arrive for our […]

2110, 2015

OPTA Patient Spotlight: Beth

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“I am a PT and I have been inspired in a manner in which can’t fully be understood or appreciated by others. Here’s my story! While working in an inpatient rehab setting with clients of various ages; up to 105, I was involved in a motorcycle accident resulting in a multitude of injuries. Admittedly, I […]

1610, 2015

OPTA Patient Spotlight: Molly

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“My name is Molly, I am 22 years old and I have lived in pain every day since high school. I have three protruding disks in my thoracic spine due to sports. I received three cortisone shots in each disk, but it only helped for a day or two, and medication barely helps at all. […]