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1809, 2018

The Four Best Physical Therapy Exercises for Lower Back Pain

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Odds are, you will suffer from lower back pain at some point in your life. Whether you simply slept wrong or you had major back surgery, there are several common remedies to ease lower back pain. In the past, rest was the prescription across the board, but as modern medicine has evolved, we’ve come to […]

2506, 2018

Top 4 Running Injuries and How Physical Therapists Treat Them

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Being an avid runner often comes with a host of nagging pains and injuries. Ideally, runners would love to live a pain free life, but unfortunately running can be very hard on the human body, and no amount of stretching or warm-ups can prevent pains or running injuries 100% of the time. Proper physical therapy […]

2203, 2018

3 New Ways Technology is Shaping Physical Therapy

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Technology is reshaping the world we live in every day. New technological innovations in medicine are happening daily, and in ways that one could never imagine. Physical therapists, like most health professionals, are utilizing new medical innovations and techniques year after year. From a free app on your smartphone, to robotic sensory equipment, it’s important […]

102, 2018

3 Basic Techniques Physical Therapists Use to Treat Chronic Neck Pain

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Chances are you have suffered from neck pain at some point in your life. If you’re one of the unlucky, you’re one of the 30%-50% of the population that suffers from chronic neck pain.
Did You Know? A staggering 50%-85% of those suffering from chronic neck pain never experience complete resolution of their pain. The American Academy […]

412, 2017

4 Staggering Statistics about Opioid Addiction in America: The Physical Therapy Remedy

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Opioid addiction in America, and particularly in Ohio, has come to the forefront in national media in the last year. Awareness of the opioid epidemic has been a major focus within the government, and in many rural areas in Ohio, opioid addiction has hit a tipping point. The sad, but real truth is that the […]

711, 2017

Using Yoga to Enhance Physical Therapy: Therapeutic Pain Management

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It goes without saying, the popularity of yoga in the past decade has blossomed. Around 80 million Americans were estimated to have tried yoga last year, and by 2016, there were nearly 37 million yoga practitioners in America. This is up from 20 million Americans just three years earlier.
Why Yoga
There are many different reasons Americans […]

1008, 2017

Top 5 Post Pregnancy Exercises To Get Your Body Back To Pre-Pregnancy Form

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Many women often wonder whether their bodies will ever be what it was before they gave birth to their little bundle of joy. We’re here to tell you that it can. Pregnancy can take a toll on a women’s body. Everything from pelvic and core issues, to general muscle degeneration from lack of normal movement, […]

304, 2017

Source Causes of Opioid Abuse: The link between chronic pain and opioid dependency and addiction.

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Opioid abuse and addiction has been on a steady increase for many years in the states and around the world.

In 2014 alone, US pharmacies dispensed 245 million prescriptions for opioid pain medication, nearly enough for every American adult to have their own bottle of pills.

Therapeutic alternatives such as physical therapy, have taken a backseat to […]

2401, 2017

5 Techniques Physical Therapists Use to Treat Chronic Back Pain

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Chronic pain affects over 100 million people in America each year. We define chronic pain as pain that lasts for months, and even years in some cases. Many chronic pains can be traced to previous injury areas, certain medical conditions, and in some cases no root problem can be traced at all. Physical therapists play […]

2202, 2016

Physical Therapy and Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can lead to pains in nearly every part of a woman’s body. Specifically, the majority of women experience leg cramps, joint issues, and back discomfort. A healthcare provider can help you identify what’s causing this pain and how you can recover, which could include physical therapy. These treatments and some simple exercises can prepare […]