It seems as if I’ve come full circle—my physical therapy journey started because of an injury I sustained while running, and my journey concludes with my recovery race in the books.

After getting the all clear last fall to run again, I registered for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I always do best when I set a goal for myself, and I thought it would be a great way to get myself back on track. Though I had run five half marathons prior to my injury (and had always let someone else win), this one meant the most to me because I honestly thought my foot would never truly be “whole” again. I chose this race to run with my best friend, who had never run anything other than a 5K, because I knew it was billed as a fun run, and we would be able to support each other along the way without any pressure for a speedy finish time.

Our training began last fall, and we monitored each other’s progress through our phone app, since she is lucky enough to live in Florida while I endured the ice, cold and a few snowy weekends. On a bright, sunny Florida day in February 2016, we ran with 24,000 of our new friends, were sprinkled with fairy dust after crossing the finish line, and successfully collected our bejeweled medals. My foot was sore, but so was the rest of my body, so I carefully recovered by the pool without complaint.


Though my personal journey is complete, my sincere appreciation for the physical therapists I represent will be ongoing throughout my lifetime. I am proof that attitude, determination and the very best support and guidance from dedicated PTs can make all the difference in a successful recovery. Together we can #MakePThappen!

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