Rob-DunhamWhat inspired you to become a PT?

“As a junior in high school, I had a distal fracture and needed 3 surgeries and physical therapy. I was really inspired by how a physical therapist was able to get me on the field quickly. That’s what got me interested—being able to help someone get back to what they do.”

What are your practice/specialty areas?

“I’m onsite at a large industrial employer and I do everything from wellness to disability work.”

How does physical therapy make a difference for patients?

“First, physical therapy expedites the care. The faster you can get quality care, the better off you will be. Second, it allows people a better choice of where they go. You don’t have to go to someone who may not be a movement specialist– you can go to an expert of the musculoskeletal system. And third, it’s a cost savings. We have multiple studies that show that direct access is not only safe, but cost-effective not only for insurance companies, but individuals– consumers.”

What can patients expect?

“We begin with the end in mind. We truly try to understand what our patient’s goals are. Once we understand that, we put together a specialized program for the patient and set up a plan of care.”