“I am a PT and I have been inspired in a manner in which can’t fully be understood or appreciated by others. Here’s my story! While working in an inpatient rehab setting with clients of various ages; up to 105, I was involved in a motorcycle accident resulting in a multitude of injuries. Admittedly, I was scared of the impeding rehab and chose to be admitted to the facility in which I worked as a PT. Why? Because the staff there knew me, and the therapy staff knew me well enough to push me when I needed it and hold me back when I needed it. They kept my husband and family included in my program. The facility staff supported me and they inspired me each and every day and when I see any of them in the community or the facility I cannot explain to any of them much less my family how much they inspired me to get back my life; our lives!!

When you have the blessed opportunity to change another’s life as we do as physical therapists, and then have to also experience it as a patient, there are NEVER enough words or actions to express your gratitude for the others’ inspiration on your life!” –Physical Therapist and Patient, Beth