1. How long have you been a physical therapist?Kristin-Marks
“I am approaching my 2 year anniversary of becoming a licensed physical therapist.”

2. Was there a specific moment that made you realize you wanted to be a PT? What inspired you to become a physical therapist?
“My journey to becoming a physical therapist has been circuitous because this is my second career. However, I have been drawn to physical therapy as a profession since I was a teenager. Like many other PTs, I was once a patient and thought I would like to become a physical therapist. My father is a retired orthopedic surgeon and has always spoken highly of our profession during dinnertime conversations. When I moved back to Ohio, I decided to take a few classes to see if physical therapy would be a good fit for me. As it turned out, I fell in love with the sciences and took it from there.”

3. If you could clear up any misconceptions people have about physical therapy, what would they be?
“I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that we cause pain. I cannot tell you how many patients comment that they thought physical therapy would hurt more. Secondly, I think there is confusion on how much education a PT needs in order to practice physical therapy.”

4. Physical therapists are passionate about what they do– what is it that makes you so passionate about being a PT?
“I absolutely love patients and problem solving. It is a challenging profession that rewards me every day. I think the human body is fascinating and people’s ability to surprise themselves at what they can do with a little encouragement is inspiring. Physical therapy works and you can see results that positively affect functional ability. It is easy to look forward to going to work every day. I have about 10 more reasons why I am passionate about being a PT but that is a start.”