1. What inspired you to become a PT?
“I was on the receiving end of physical therapy during high school sports, so that’s how I got interested. It seemed like a good fit.”

2. What are your practice/specialty areas?
“I am a Board Certified Orthopedic Therapist. That means I work with runners, post-surgery patients, and onsite industrial rehab patients.

3. How does physical therapy make a difference for patients?
“It is another entry point into the healthcare profession– another access point so that you don’t have to wait as long. You don’t need to see a physician; you can access the healthcare system through us. Physical therapy reduces the need for medication and the need for surgery.”

4. What motivates you most every day?
“I like that in general, people progress quickly with this field. Patients are tickled when they can turn their head again to drive a car, or someone who has back pain and can’t get to work now is able to. The interesting part is that we treat so many different types of people. That’s probably the best part of my job, the patient interaction and progress. We probably see 10 new patients a week with a 90-95% success rate.”