1. What inspired you to become a PT?

“I had a cousin who was in bad car accident when he was 21 and was in the hospital for a long time. When I would go to visit him after he came home, I saw the physical therapist working with him and that’s when I decided that’s what I wanted to do.”

2. What are your practice/specialty areas?

“I specialize in neurological injuries such as Strokes and Parkinson’s Disease. My focus is to help these patients regain mobility and function and improve their quality of life.”

3. How does physical therapy make a difference for patients?

“Physician schedules are busy and tight. We get patients in and treat them, and we have a relationship with the doctors. I think once a patient gets to me they have a good idea of what I do and they come back.

For example, Parkinson’s is a progressive disease, meaning patients continually worsen. I have a group of individuals I see on regular basis and I provide assessments on where they are and how they are doing. I do some booster exercises with them, and then they come back in 3 months. As physical therapist, we’re trying to manage the course of the disease. It allows us to be more proactive in the care. I know when a patient has made a change and when we need to intervene.”

4. What does OPTA work to do?
“Our organization really strives to keep our members informed. I think we do a great job with education and keeping people updated with their clinical skills. Its’ fun to network and spend time with other colleagues and that’s why I’m an active member. I really like the interactions with my colleagues. Learning from them and sharing ideas.”