Patient Story:
“I am a 53 yr. old, competitive distance runner who has suffered with low back, hip & groin pain & discomfort for more than 30 years. Over those years, I have been prescribed anti-inflammatory and arthritis medications; I have seen D.O’s; P.T’s; Chiropractors and massage therapists with no relief. When my pain became so unbearable that I could not continue my marathon training for the 2014 Boston Marathon, I was referred to Josh Baker, PhD, MPT at Ohio Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Inc.”


Through Josh’s thorough testing and assessment, he was able to determine that my problems stemmed from weak core muscles, poor flexibility and alignment issues. I always thought of myself as a physically fit person and never realized how weak my core was until Josh started working with me. After just a few sessions with Josh I had drastic improvement in flexibility, mobility and strength and because of the “home exercise program” that he created for me and teaching me proper stretching techniques, I do NOT have any more back pain and my coordination and balance has improved tremendously. I wish someone would have referred me to Ohio Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Inc. many years ago. THANK YOU!”
~ Vicki S.




Inspired By: 

This patient was running with multiple compensatory patterns that no one addressed until she came to our facility. A thorough gait analysis and physical assessment pinpointed her deficiencies and a patient-centered dynamic HEP corrected her pattern. I worked with her for just 4 visits and she was commuting about 40 min. one way to her appointments. I usually hear from her once a year thanking me that she continues to be able to run pain free. This patient inspires me because she has run the Boston Marathon at least 3 times that I am aware of (one the year of the bombing, and another the year afterward — the one she ran pain free). She described to me her emotional rollercoaster while running in the Boston Marathon.
More moving than her success as a runner is that fact that she is a private business owner who has made it her mission to serve children with disabilities in Tiffin, Ohio. She is a devout Christian who lives to serve.